When I feel down, I want you above me

Hi lovebugs!

Today is a special day, because it’s been a little while since I’ve been able to tear Landon away from tattoo making to blog with me.  I hope you’ll all enjoy what we’ve picked out for you.  Most of what I’m wearing is new at Kustom9 — I’m sure you’ll recognize it because some of it in particular is getting blogged to death (and for good reason), because some of your most favorite creators have put out some amazing things!

Please note: Little Bones released a hair called Temptation for the Rockabilly hair.  I would like to think that the new release at Kustom9 is the revamped version, because it is similar but not exactly the same, so make sure that even if you have the first version to go grab this newer one!

i touch myself

On Landon
>Skin: Tableau Vivant
  >Hairbase: VCD – Express Yourself
    >Beanie: Eater’s Coma
      >Sunglasses: Judas – Vintage Versace
        >Necklace: Munique – Simple Necklace Gold
          >Flannel: Orion – Flannel Tee Black (new at Men’s Dept)
            >Shorts: Kenvie – Baggy Shorts
              >Shoes: Entente – Cousteau Shoes
                >Tattoos: Reckless

On Alex
>Skin: Atomic – Muse
  >Hair: Little Bones – Temptation (new at Kustom 9!)
    >Eyes: Buzz – Faerie Eyes – Caramel (new at Seasons Story!)
      >Necklace: Buzz – Spring Flowers Choker (new at Seasons Story!)
        >Backpack: Hex Appeal – Backpacks – Black Heart (new!)
          >Tank: Moon – Wild Spirit Tank (new at Kustom 9!)
            >Shorts: Faun – Highwaisted Cutoffs (new at Kustom 9!)
              >Leg Chain: 
Random Matter – Vessel
                >Clutch: Le Primitif – Librarian Chic Clutch – To Kill a Mockingbird
                  >Shoes: Reign – Chunky Plats – Black (new at Kustom 9!)
                    >Tattoo: elska – Sky’s the Limit (new!)

xx – Alex & Landon

Maybe some things are that simple

I’m back again.. gosh I’m so productive on my day off!

I had to blog all my spoils from the Cutie Moon Fair.  I love all things Sailor Moon (I don’t know how you couldn’t), and thus I had to blog all the adorableness that I procured from this event.  This barely scrapes the surface of what I got, but I didn’t want to over-do it, so I hope you enjoy!

Before I get on with the picture I want to note that because of Ms. Elisa I was inspired to figure out how to wear different bangs with these Spellbound Hairs.  I’m not the biggest fan of “bangs” in general so I realized that I could make them transparent and wear bangs from other hairs.  Tonight I am wearing the bangs from the Chemistry Hair “Buttons” and I think it suits the hair very well!


>Skin:  Atomic – Muse
  >Hair:  Spellbound – Snowberry (new!) (modded)
    >Eyes: Dead Apples – Anime Eyes – Marine
      >Blush: Anatomy – Anime Blush (new at The Big Show!)
>Eyeliner: Buzz – Royale Liner
          >Hands & Feet: Slink
            >Butt: L.inc
              >Mouth: Loud Mouth
>Dress: House of Fox – Bodice Sundress – White
  >Socks: Atomic – Scout Stockings – Moon (new at the Cutie Moon Fair)
    >Shoes: Reign – Bow Peep Pumps (new at 100 Block)
        -Rings: The Sugar Garden – Prism Power Rings (new at the Cutie Moon Fair)
        -Necklace: The Sugar Garden – Pink Sugar Compact (new at the Cutie Moon Fair)
        -Purse: Atomic – Scout Bag {Gacha} – 1 (new at the Cutie Moon Fair)
        -Hairbow: Auxiliary – Slouchy Leather Bow – Brick
        -Wand: Ison & Tulip – Sailor Wand {Moon} (new at the Cutie Moon Fair)
        -Cat: Birdy/Alchemy – Lunar Kitten (Black) (new at the Cutie Moon Fair)

xx – Alex

You win or you die.

Hi my little ducklings!

I have a very special post in store for you today.  I had been waiting for the right time to make it, when I had enough time to take/edit/post all of these pictures, and it has finally arrived.

I have been a ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ ever since A Game of Thrones was published.  I have been reading George R. R. Martin’s books since about… I think I finally got A Game of Thrones in like 1998?  I was in high school, that’s all I know.  As you can imagine, considering it is now 2014, I waited over 10 years for his work to come to life on screen (thank you HBO!).  It truly thrills me to see how many people have embraced A Game of Thrones even if they’ve never read the books (as the series itself is very true to them).  Seeing all of these creators in Second Life dedicate so much time and energy to all things GoT related makes my heart palpitate!

So you can imagine how excited I was to find out that this event, The Secret Affair, would be solely dedicated to GoT.

I have put together three different looks for you to enjoy and I hope that you do.  Most of what I am wearing can be found at the event but whatever is not found there, credits will be given as always after the pictures :)

got1 got2


All Looks
>Skin:  Birdy – Daenerys – Pure (new at TSA)
  >Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes
    >Hands & Feet: Slink

Look 1 (Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of the Andals 
the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea and Mother of Dragons)
>Hair: Truth – Lagertha (new)
  >Dress:  Aisling – Qarth Lady – Aqua (color is exclusive to TSA)
    >Headpiece: Alchemy – Mother of Dragons – ULTRA RARE (new at TSA)
      >Dragon: Alchemy – Wyrmling – Black (new at TSA)

Look 2 (Cersei Lannister, Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms and Lady of Casterly Rock)
>Hair: Tableau Vivant – Sabra Hair
  >Dress: Junbug – Instant Crush – Pearl
    >Coat: Junbug – The Queen’s Mink Coat – Fawn
      >Headpiece: Alchemy – Hear Me Roar – RARE (new at TSA)
        >Belt: Aisling – part of Qarth Lady (new at TSA)

Look 3 (Sansa Stark, Princess of Winterfell)
>Hair: Truth – Tyr
  >Dress: Peqe – Throne’s Game – The North (new at TSA)
    >Cloak: Peqe – Secret Cloak – Winter is Coming (ULTRA RARE) (new at TSA)
      >Shoes: Reign – Spartan Sandals – White (new at 100 Block)
        >Headpiece: Alchemy – Winter is Coming – Snow (new at TSA)
          >Lady (the Wolf): Alchemy – Fenris the Great Wolf – Grey

xx – Alex

I can hardly breathe when your hands let go of me

So by the looks of my post you’d think The Hair Fair had come around.

This is not the case at all.

These are just *some* of the new releases you can find from some of my favorite hair designers on the grid right now.  Some of these are at events, which I will gladly detail for you below the picture.

All I can say is, all of these hair designers have amazing textures, options, and are overall just fantastic.

I do have to touch on one thing before I show you the pictures, however.  There is a new hair designer in town.  The alt of Story Ordinary (owner/creator of Poetica) is now dabbling in hair, and has come out with a bang!  Her new store, Spellbound, is offering some absolutely gorgeous hair.  The textures, color options, and general styles leave absolutely NOTHING to be desired.  Not a single criticism is there to be had on my end, so make sure you all check it out, join the VIP group, etc!  So far there are five new hairs to be had and trust me when I say you’ll want to fatpack all of them!

Now that that little rant is over, ON WITH THE PICTURES!



OKAY!  So, I will list all of the hairs I have pictured here from top to bottom and left to right! Here we go:

Row 1:  All hairs are from Spellbound and can be found in the mainstore.  They are:  Snowberry, Nahara, Medusa, MoonSugar, and Ellie

Row 2: Tableau Vivant (currently found at C88): Springer & Springflower // Moon: Chandler (currently at Kustom9), Still Cold & Sinner (currently found at C88)

Row 3: Little Bones: Take Everything, Ministry (both now at The Chapter Four), Limbs, & Gods and Monsters (coming tomorrow to 100 Block!)

As you can see there are like 500 hairs right now to choose from and all of them are simply amazing.

I had to dedicate a post JUST to this, so I hope you all enjoy.

xx – Alex

I’m thinking it over

Hi darlings!

I have two posts for you today.  One in my proper layout, while the next will be quite impromptu, so stay tuned!

There are so many events in SL nowadays, I don’t even know how a person can keep up.  As a blogger, I try to blog items that come from a plethora of different events because I know that’s what all of you want to see, but mainly because creators pick and choose some pretty amazing items to release for all of these great events.  Specifically I am bringing you some newness today from events such as 100 Block, Fameshed, The Secret Affair, and Collab, but let’s not forget that The Big Show, Suicide Dollz, Kustom9, and some other fantastic events are also going on right now.

Anyway, I shall get on with the newness and hope you all enjoy!

>Skin:  Birdy – Daenerys Skin – Pure (now at The Secret Affair!)
  >Hair: Little Bones – Take Everything (new for 100 Block!)
    >Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes – Metal
      >Tattoo: Reckless – Free (new for 100 Block!)
        >Butt: L.inc – Cute Azz
          >Hands & Feet: Slink

>Tank: Tres Blah – Oversized Tank – Black (new at c88!)
  >Leggings: Suicidal Unborn – Studded Leggings (new!)
    >Shoes: Reign – Sovereign Wedges (new for 100 Block!)
        -Ears: Remarkable Oblivion – Cat-A-Clysm Headphones – Black (new at Fameshed)
        -Necklace: Random Matter – Rhiannon Necklace (new)

xx – Alex


Now your heart be your religion

Hello my lovebirds!

I’m finally back around, inspired by the combination of skin/Visage Mesh Head that inspired me to dress up and blog!

I’ve been a little antisocial lately. I got more hours at my RL job and I have been exhausted, additionally Landon and I will be moving soon so we have been apartment hunting too!  All in all I’ve been a busy bee but here I am!

Also can we please talk about how adorable this Tableau Vivant hair is? It will be featured at the Cutie Moon Fair which is full of nothing but absolute adorableness and I couldn’t be more excited for it.

ANYWAY, here I am!


(I absolutely adore the expression hud that comes with the Visage Mesh Head!!)

-Head: Slink – Visage Mesh Head ‘Emma’ (new)
  -Skin: Deetalez – *Appliers* Slink Visage Face ‘Viola’ NORDIC
    -Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes – Chocolate
     -Hair: Tableau Vivant – Moon (coming soon to the Cutie Moon Fair!)
       -Hands & Feet: Slink

-Sweater: Deadwool – Lace Sweater – Ice
Villena – H/W Leggings
Reign – Creeper Wedges
        >Head Jewel:
Random Matter – Arrietty Head Jewel (new)
        >Nose Piercing: 
Random Matter – Rasputina

xx – Alex


We were born hungry

Hi Sweetlings!

Nothing that I have for you is particularly new, aside from this AMAZING hair from Little Bones and of course, the Glam Affair skin that can currently be found at the Skin Fair.

Every once in a while I will go back to a store that I’ve been shopping at forever, only to find that there was something that I didn’t have that I absolutely needed.  Such was the case with this adorable half-deer headpiece which I felt accents my outfit just perfectly!


-Skin: Glam Affair – Romy (Europa) (new at Skin Fair)
  -Hair: Little Bones – Eulogy (new at Kustom9)
    -Eyes: s0ng – Sweety – Violet Eyes (new at Kustom9)
      -Tattoo: elska – Madame Butterfly
        -Hands & Feet: Slink

-Top: tee*fy – Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank
  -Skirt: Paperbag – Killer Slits Maxi Skirt
      >Headpiece: Half-Deer – Veil of Thorns (White-Pink)
      >Necklace: Cute Poison – Multi-Cross Necklace
      >Watch: Reign – Boho Watch – Galaxy/Chev (new at the Luck of the Irish Gacha)

xx – Alex