I want it filthy

Hi lovies!

Today I have a very special guest blogger with me!  My friend Colin agreed to appear in the blog with me today!  I’m super excited because he is my male counterpart as far as being a skin whore and shopping whore in general goes.  It’s like a running joke with us and that’s what makes this all the more special!  Here are a few example quotes that should make you all laugh:

[2011/09/14 11:41]  Alexandria Enchanted: TELL ME
[2011/09/14 11:41]  Alexandria Enchanted: that i don’t need a new skin
[2011/09/14 11:58]  Colin Porterfield: lmao
[2011/09/14 11:58]  Colin Porterfield: sorry was afk
[2011/09/14 11:58]  Colin Porterfield: you don’t need a new skin
[2011/09/14 11:58]  Alexandria Enchanted: IT’S TOO LATE COLIN

[2011/10/28 23:07]  Colin Porterfield: I feel the urge to buy more skin
[2011/10/28 23:15]  ℰηνιε (alexandria.enchanted): lmfaooo MORE SKIN?
[2011/10/28 23:15]  ℰηνιε (alexandria.enchanted): you’re as bad as me
[2011/10/28 23:15]  ℰηνιε (alexandria.enchanted): :>
[2011/10/28 23:15]  Colin Porterfield: \o/

[2011/11/03 13:31]  Alexandria Enchanted: how are youuuuu
[2011/11/03 13:31]  Colin Porterfield: i’m just dandy
[2011/11/03 13:32]  Colin Porterfield: I bought more skin, because i’m a whore

[2011/11/26 23:15]  Colin Porterfield: its sad i’m looking at skins again, I have issues I need to confront within myself
[2011/11/26 23:15]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): LMFAO
[2011/11/26 23:15]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): Colin
[2011/11/26 23:15]  Colin Porterfield: Alex
[2011/11/26 23:15]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): I can’t say shit.
[2011/11/26 23:15]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): so shop on

and lastly

[2011/11/26 23:16]  Colin Porterfield: they are like Pokemon, gotta catch em all!
[2011/11/26 23:16]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): IKR?
[2011/11/26 23:16]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): that’s EXACTLY
[2011/11/26 23:16]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): how i feel about skins
[2011/11/26 23:16]  Colin Porterfield: lmao crack whore
[2011/11/26 23:16]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): but then i similarly feel like lotr style towards them
[2011/11/26 23:16]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): “one skin to rule them all”
[2011/11/26 23:16]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): i always need to find the best one
[2011/11/26 23:16]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): :\
[2011/11/26 23:17]  Colin Porterfield: or Highlander, there can only be one
[2011/11/26 23:17]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): RIGHT?
[2011/11/26 23:17]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): yeah see you know
[2011/11/26 23:17]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): YOU KNOW
[2011/11/26 23:17]  Colin Porterfield: I know
[2011/11/26 23:17]  αℓℰx (alexandria.enchanted): lmao

ANYWAY, there’s some newness and some oldness with pics & deets to follow! 😀

Click to see it bigger!


On Colin
Skin: *Birth* Fang Skin (tanned) heavystubble
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Paris Green Shadow)
Ears: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Tunnel Hybrid + Punch 2″
Hair:  [Atro Patena] –  Lukas_Jet
Hair Base:  AITUI – Etched Hair Base – Monumentum
Facial Hair1: *Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Chin Strap v1 – Light
Facial Hair2: EMORTAL CONCEPTS~blk Chin Curtain~ Chin Cap
Piercing: – .HoD. – Mess Of Metal Prt. 1
Rings & Nails: +ROZOREGALIA+*Gazellver*
Finger Tape:. SiniStyle Taped Fist
Glasses: -Entente- Savant Glasses
Shirt:  <kal rau> Basic T-shirt + Polo
Pants: BLK Rebel-Blackjeans (SHORT)
Shoes: -Entente- L’Equipe Kicks

On Alex
Skin: Body Co. – Ivy – Pale
Hair: DeLa – Mercy – Blacks (new!)
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Elemental
Makeup: Mock – Pandora’s Gingersnap, Illusory – Love Lips
Piercings: Puncture – Nostril Piercings (modded)
Nose Bleed: Entente – Addon – Bloody Nose
Headband: LaGyo – Catty Headband (The Dressing Room!)
Sweater: Beusy – Casual Cardi – Black
Tank: Suicidal Unborn – Basic Top – White
Shorts: Mon Tissu – Cuffed Denim Shorts
Bloody Knees: Suicidal Unborn – Wounded Knees
Shoes: 2Real Footwear – F-Wings Shoes (new!)

Thanks for reading & thank you Colin for appearing with me!

xx – Alex


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