Now that shit should be against the law

Hi babydolls!

So I have to prequel this blog post by saying that one of the pictures is NSFW.  My vagina is out.  REPEAT, MY VAGINA IS OUT.  So please don’t scroll down on this if you don’t want to see any nudity 😛  Also, with that, I’m going to hit the enter key about 20 times to help just in case you don’t want to see my pixel-vag.


Now then.  As far as new stuff goes, I’m not sure anything I’m wearing is SUPER new.  Some shoes from Whatever that I’m in love with, a corset from ISON and… well the rest isn’t much because I’m half naked.  But at any rate, I was inspired by the shoes and my desire to wear pink hair, so here you go 😛

Click for an enlarged version.. aka, more lollypop :3


Skin: Body Co – Ivy – Ivory
Hair: Magika – Volume – 02
Eyes: Dead Apples – Sinistre Eyes – Murdered Blue (new!)
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Elemental
Cosmetics: Miamai – Black Brows, Illusory – Love Lips – Bubblegum
Piercings: Cobrahive – Nose Swirl, Puncture – Nostril Piercing
Teeth: Slink – Real Teeth (modded), PXL – Open Mouth Addon
Tattoo: Little Pricks – Cyborg 2, Aitui – Minimalist – Escaped Memory
Corset: ISON – Geometric Corset – Black
Lollypop: LK Design – Naughty Lollypop
Tights: Sheer – Very Torn Tights
Guns: Fairlight Industries
Shoes: Whatever – Stripper Boot – Pink Universe

xx – Alex


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