I will take away my feelings, I will be an animal

Hi darlings!


I know it’s been a while but I was doing other things in photoshop and hanging out with family, watching Landon Mode (of Reckless, bitches!) build a new store that is going to house Reckless, King of Sorrow, and Anatomy!  If you don’t know those stores you’re dead to me.  Seriously though, Reckless has some of the best tattoos the grid has ever seen.  King of Sorrow is my mother’s store (Booch Capelo duh) and Anatomy of course is my Papeh’s shapes store!  SO GET EXCITED about the three of those being in one location because it makes my head want to explode from happiness.


I’m blogging because I went to Collabor88 last night.  What a clusterfuck.  Seriously just shoot me.  I’m not even sure what I ended up with because most of it was grey when I bought it, but I specifically went for the newest releases from Auxiliary!  I am blogging Ivy’s new skin today, Tyr’s new “mullet top” tomorrow.  Enjoy the picks and deets below.

Click for a larger image

Skin: Auxiliary – Love Skin – Medium – Timeless (collabor88!)
Hair: D!va – Manon – Onyx (collabor88!)
Cosmetics: Miamai – Black Brows
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Elemental
Teeth: Slink – Real Teeth (modded), PXL – OpenMouth Pro (new!)
Piercings: Glow Studio – Aztec Nose Chain, HoD – TV 13 (modded)
Necklaces: KOSH – The Key Necklace, HoD – Fallen V2 Necklace
Corset: Abyss – Corset – Black
Leggings: MarieDoll – Cross Leggings
Tattoo: Plastik – Feathers – Faded
Shoes: Debrah’s – Suzy Ultra Heels – Black
Gloves: Glue Ink – Ree Gloves – Floral
Nails: Mandala – Nail Palette 1 – Long

xx – Alex


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