Thumbalina size 10 on a Wednesday

Hi darlings!

So sorry I haven’t blogged recently!  I’ve been broke, so working my butt off in RL to compensate for the time I took off for my RL high school reunion, and sick 😦

But today I have a special look for you.. well, looks rather, that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Firstly, my birthday is around the corner, (October 16th mark your calendars and buy me something pretty! :P) which means that FALL is coming, which also means thatttt Halloween, my favorite holiday ever, is almost here!

While browsing the marketplace tonight I looked at Severed Garden, a store that I LOVE, and saw this adorable outfit and had to of course, blog it, and do my own take on it!  Not only is it so well made (seriously, every detail is dead on and fit my avatar perfectly with no hassle!) and so affordable at just 90L, but it fits right in with the upcoming holiday and I couldn’t resist.

I hope you’ll all enjoy it – the first picture of course is the complete Severed Garden avatar/costume, and then the second is the same look, but my take on what she would look like all grown up :3

Please click for larger images!


(In both photos)
Skin: League – Isla – Pale
Lashes: Redgrave – Elemental Lashes
Cosmetics: Mock – Pandora’s Gingersnap

(Left Photo)
Hair: Elikatira – Garden – Black
Cosmetics: Pink Fuel – Kumi Lip Layers from the Kumi skin
Outfit (includes jacket, skirt, socks, shoes, doll, and “Thing” aka the hand on my shoulder): Severed Garden – Wednesday (only 90L!)

(Right Photo)
Hair: Magika – Faint – Pack 03 (new!)
Cosmetics: Damned – Queen of D, Pink Fuel – Kumi Lip Layers from the Kumi skin
Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette
Piercings: Glow Studio – Aztec Nose Chain, HoD – TV 13 (modded)
Shirt: Pink Outfitters – Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse – Black
Corset: Plastik – Cataclysm Corset – Black
Skirt: Sakide – Oops Skirt
Stockings: Erratic – Fishnet Wide – Black
Boots: Grollwerk – Hoof Boots – Black (new!)
Nails: Mandala – Nail Palette 1 – Super Long
Rings: Epoque – Pipeline Ring – Silver

xx – Alex


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