Size me up, I know you did; care for you, you know I did

Hi my little sweetpeas 🙂

Ohhh what do I have in store for you today?  Firstly, Truth’s newest release– FINALLY TRUTH HAS COME OUT WITH FADES.  Oh, my sweet lord, the color combinations are so exquisite and perfect, I’ve been DYING for Truth Hawks to make his hairs into fades.  He was the first (that I know of) to get inventive with streaks, etc.. and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with the fades.  The hair in itself is gorgeous but with these new color combos… I don’t think I’ll ever take this hair off!  I took pictures of a few (not all, there are more than this) of the color options so you could see how amazing they are.

In addition I am happy to blog these pants of mine.  Arriah Fiertze, the owner and creator of Medley (and my child!) has made these mesh pants that are simply to-die-for.  They are so amazingly well made I can’t even explain to you how excited I was to get my hands on these.  The seams, the “wrinkles,” etc.. so realistic and adorable and the quality is so good it’s ridiculous.  I am not sure of an exact release date on these pants but keep your eyes peeled on Medley because holy crap you will never need another pair of jeans again.

Other than that, nothing is too too new, or anything you haven’t seen before.  I hope you all enjoy the look I’ve put together 🙂

Click either image above or below for a larger photo!


Skin: League – Isla – Pale
Hair: Truth – Uma (new!)
Eyes: Clemmm – Violet Glass Eyes
Lashes: Redgrave – Elemental
Cosmetics: Pink Fuel – Kumi Lips from the Kumi skin, Mock – Pandora’s Gingersnap
Piercings: EllaBella – Aurora, HoD – Fallen – Female
Ears: Gauze – High Elf Ear – Jewelry:Bane
Tattoo: Reckless – Traditional Beauty
Shirt: Tres Blah – Half Tucked Tee – Black
Pants: Medley – Super Skinnies – Black (new, release TBA)
Bracelets: Epoque – Triple Threat Cuff – Obsidian
Nails & Rings: Mandala – Sinra
Shoes: Fanatik – Classic Pumps – Black

xx – Alex


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