Does it make you wanna cry?

Today I am blogging one thing and one thing only.  The future release of my child’s amazing shoes, from Medley!  They are dropping TOMORROW and I’m giving you a sneak peak in addition to the teaser she has already planted on her flickr!

SHIT JUST GOT SERIOUS.  That’s right.  You all know Medley for the adorable and wonderful clothing that it provides, but Arriah has stepped it up a notch with these shoes.  Not only are they affordable (450L, folks!), but they come in a slew of options, colors (each pair includes different sole colors as well!), with an amazingly easy-to-use hud for further customization, and in addition to that they’re just plain HOT.

The Ratchet Pumps are amazing with spike details that are an obvious go-to for any badass chick, while the Basic Bitch Heels are perfect to complement any outfit (such as with jeans where perhaps you wouldn’t want those spikes to stick through).  This is literally what my entire purpose of blogging is tonight, so prepare yourself for the oncoming pictures of hot shoes.

The color options are as follows:  Black, Cream, Sand, Grey, Crimson, Pink, Purple, Raisin, Scarlet, Camo Green, Chestnut, Chocolate, Denim Blue, and Nautical Blue.  (There are two I did not blog… I’m not sure which >.> don’t kill me, Arriah!)

I did not photoshop these at all, for the record.  You can resize them easily to hide the ankle blender or you can wear them as I have pictured.  It’s ladies’ choice.


Click either above or below for larger photos!


Okay, well you can’t yet.. but once it is officially 10/12/2012, GO GO GO!

xx – Alex


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