we all look for heaven and we put love first

Hi my darlings!

I know, it’s been a minute since I blogged, and for that I am sorry!  I haven’t been changing my outfit up lately – blasphemy, I know.  But to be perfectly honest I’ve just not been in the mood to really change it up much until today when I realized I needed to give you all something to look at!

So by now, we all know (hopefully) that LAQ has released two new skins through their new “Essential” line.  Elle and Saga.  A lot of flickr posts have been dedicated to the vanity shots of these two skins, plus a lot of discussion over the price tag on them (around $1900 L).  I went ahead and bought Saga, and I’ll tell you why.

Firstly, the skin itself is beautiful.  There’s nothing I can complain about.  I had to make some adjustments, of course, to my shape which is usual for me. I  like to tweak things here & there anytime i buy a new skin and I found that the nose on Saga was a little wide for my tastes.  With slight modification I loved it!

Secondly, when you purchase one of these new skins, you get the skin itself, corresponding hair bases, an eyebrow shape, tattoo cleavage layer & undershirt cleavage layer, prim eyes, an eyeliner tattoo layer, a smokey eye tattoo layer, and a shape.

There are a few things in that package that I would never use, but this, this is why I bought the skin:

You also get separate tattoo layers of “parts” of the skin.  Mouth, nose, eyelids, & eyebrows.  Now you may be wondering what that means, exactly.  Say you LOVE skin from store “ABC,” but there’s something off about the mouth.  You can put on the Saga mouth, and voila, customized skin!  I am blogging it today with a few skins I own- now keep in mind it won’t match EVERY skin, because the tones need to be similar.  I purchased Saga in tone 1.0 (the palest) and I find that it seems to agree with a lot of pale skins depending on the undertones in them (if they’re too pink, for example, it won’t work).

I find, however, that the pictures will speak for themselves better than me rambling about it.  Regardless, I find it to be worth the $L, and I will probably be going back for Elle soon, too.

In most of these photos, I chose to wear the Saga nose.  I love love love how it looks.  I also displayed the mouth (on the glam affair skin), so that you can see how the layers work with multiple skins!

and now for my general LotD:


Skin: Glam Affair – Ginny – Europa (from C88)
Hair: Exile – Breathe Me – Natural Pack (modded) (new!)
Eyes: Clemmm – Violet Glass Eyes
Lashes: Redgrave – Elemental
Cosmetics: Mock – Pandora’s Gingersnap, LAQ – Saga Nose (new!)
Piercing: Cobrahive – Nose Swirl
Tattoo: custom made by Landon Mode of Reckless
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Mouse
Bracelet: KOSH – Underground Dawn
Necklaces: KOSH – Auna Necklace, Illusions – Cord Necklace
Dress: Celoe – Poppy Dress – Dim (new!)

xx – Alex


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