Kiss me on my open mouth

Hi my sweetlings!

So between making gluten-free stuffing for the first time, a full day of work, and driving in ridiculous holiday traffic, I somehow managed to push through my current exhaustion thanks to my amazing grandparental unit, Aydan Darcy of HoD, who released this amazing piercing set (with, of course, an amazing tattoo addition from Nuuna) for Horror Haute, which just so happened to begin TODAY.

Beks has already blogged this piercing with the info about Horror Haute, but just to reiterate, it began today (November 21st) and runs until November 30th.  The full set runs at 200L (there are three parts to it) but if you are a VIP member you get it for 50% off (and everyone should be a VIP member, kthx).  What is amazing about this set is the fact that like so many of Aydan’s beautifully textured piercings, you get more than one color option in this set.  I was particularly excited to see the Frost color included this time around, as I love the look of it and have been greedy for all things Frost in regards to HoD since Aydan first released that particular texture quite some time ago.

At any rate, I threw this look together to demo the piercings for you.  There’s no reason to NOT go get them immediately, so please do so!  And enjoy! 😛


Skin: Glam Affair – Ginny – Brr & Etci – 01 (new @ C88!)
Hair: Exile – Misha
Eyes: Dead Apples – Sinistre Eyes – Magic Brown, Clemmm – The Whites
Lashes: Cake – Bedroom Lashes
Cosmetics: LAQ Essential – Saga Nose, HUIT – Eyeshadow B01, Miamai – Black Brows
Tattoo: Nuuna – Part of HoD Gods & Monsters Piercing & Makeup Set
Piercings: HoD – Gods & Monsters Piercing & Makeup Set (new for Horror Haute!)
Antlers: Clemmm – Lightning Bolt Antlers – Gray
Teeth: PXL – Open Mouth Pro
Dress: Remy – Lasa Dress – White
Belt: Epoque – Rib Cage Belt
Tights: Mstyle – Rose Tights
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands
Rings: Mandala – Polly Ring – Rose
Shoes:  Epoque – Mesa Platforms – Black

xx – Alex


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