In the end of the night we’ll rest our bones

Hello my darlings!

Ohhh what do I have for you today?  Not too much that’s new ~ Landon & I went shopping together yesterday and I spent some time at Illusions.  Many of you readers may not know this, but years ago I wore horns quite frequently.  In fact, frequently isn’t even accurate.  I never took them off.  Until about a year ago, I literally never stopped wearing the horns from Illusions!  So yesterday was very nostalgic for me, and I picked up a pair of antlers that I’d never purchased before!  My other and better (sometimes) half bought a Minotaur head.  I’m sure that will be featured in here at some point, at least for lols.  😀  At any rate, the antlers inspired me to put a look together for you and after piecing some things together this is what happened!  I do hope you enjoy it.


Skin: Glam Affair – Ginny (old C88)
Hair: LaViere – The Vert
Eyes: Clemmm – The Whites
Cosmetics: Mock – Pandora’s Gingersnap, Miamai – Brown Brows
Piercings: HoD – The Crow’s Crux (heavily modded), Cobrahive – Nose Swirl
Antlers: Illusions – Illuminated Capreolinae Antlers
Ears: Mandala – Stretched Ears
Teeth: PXL – Open Mouth Pro
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Mouse
Ring: LaGyo – Mother’s Pearl Ring
Bracelets: Mandala – Polly Bracelet – Black, Utamaro Bracelet – Black, Pearl Rain – Maple Black
Tattoo: Reckless – No Lies Just Love
Shrug: Sn@tch – Hazard Shrug – Black
Fur: House of Fox – Anja Fur Shoulders (free gift!)
Top: Plastik – Ambrice Dress – Heartache
Skirt: Suidical Unborn – Basic Miniskirt – Black (new!)
Tights: Paperbag – Garter Tights – Black
Shoes: Similar Italian Footwear – Amantea Shoes – Black Patent

xx – Alex


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