Long as you got me you won’t need nobody

Hello my loves!

Today I do not have an actual blog, per se, but rather an update! I used to have a store called Ma Petite, which I reinvented into The Dollhouse, that sold shapes (and tats and other random things here and there).  I’ve always really loved making shapes, and I even tweak my own on a regular basis to try new things.  I guess my studies in school when I went for Esthetics really inspired me as far as proportions, bone structure, and general human anatomy went.  AT ANY RATE.  I got lazy and closed my store and instead had a blast referring anyone I knew to my Papeh’s store, Anatomy.  She is an amazing shapemaker and she and I always used to talk about some of the people we’d see who we wanted to just throw shapes at just to help them out.  You can find her shapes on the marketplace here.

I, however, have come out of shape-making hiding, due to a lot of requests and questions about my shape(s)..even some of you have asked me if the Dollhouse is still open (I’m assuming you found your way to my old blog, infinite harmony)!

I have officially opened my store, coeur. (which means heart in French) featuring four brand new shapes.  Right now, coeur. is on the marketplace only.  I am planning on an in-world store soon.  There is an in-world group which I do plan on using, so feel free to look up my profile & join it.  Once the store is open in-world I’ll have a subscribo too.  At any rate, my goal is to make proportionate shapes that anyone can wear with virtually any skin.  I feel that at least with these first four shapes I have accomplished that.  As of this moment, all four of my shapes are for women, but I have a male shape in progress at the moment, which I’m hoping to release once I have my in-world store. All of my shapes that I am releasing come with style cards & two brow shapes (with full purchase only, not with demos), and are fully modifiable (mesh absolutely requires this nowadays!) and copyable for all of your needs. I will leave you with pictures of the new shapes, Bitter, Echo, Spark, and Fox.  Be on the lookout for the man’s shape, which for now is called Legend.

I hope you all enjoy ❤


Clockwise from Top Left: Echo, Bitter, Fox, Spark

xx – Alex


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