I’ll take you, that’s what I came here for

Ohhh my dear sweet readers, I have a treat for you today.

My dear friend miss Oakley Foxtrot, who I met through flickr and then finally one day in-world and now I cannot seem to get myself out of her box, posted a blogger challenge called “Blast From the Past.”  She went waaay back in to her blog archives, and re-blogged an outfit that was 2 years old, showing off how both her skills as a photographer & avatar extraordinaire have changed over the last couple of years.  I knew I had some goodies back in the archives of infinite harmony, my old blog, and lo & behold!  I found the most amazing (I say this with sarcasm) look that I knew would be perfect.  So I’m reblogging this look that I blogged back in 2011 just after Infinite Harmony first started.  I hope you all enjoy both the old and the updated look.

*note* I could not, unfortunately, find the original top that I blogged.  I either got rid of it, or SL ate it.  Let it be known that it was called the “Strapped In” top from Saiko.  I hope you’ll all enjoy it’s “replacement” for my 2012 look :3

then & nownow


2011 – League – Sia – Sunkissed // 2012 – body co. – Orchid – Fair
Hair: Truth – Lourdes
Sunglasses: GOS – Butterfly Sunglasses
2011 – Cobrahive // 2012 – Cobrahive & HoD
Tattoo:  Plastik – Hindi Tattoo
Breasts:  Lolas! – Tango Mesh Breasts
2011 – Saiko – Strapped In // 2012 – Dirtyland – Battle Top
Skirt: Plastik – Minimalist Bands – Void
Bracelets:  Ha! – O-Ring Cuffs, Naith Smit – Rock’n’Rolla Strapped
Boots: GOS – Curvaceous Boots
Smokes:  Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Gesture & Mouse

This was so much fun!  All you bloggers out there should do it too and add your pictures to the Blast from the Past group pool!  I’m planning on doing more of these, watch out :3

xx – Alex


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