I’ve always had a thing for Santa

Ohhhh my!

So, my girlfriend is sort of a Grinch, or whatever.  I was dressed all Christmasy for today’s blog in the adorable things that you can now find at Auxiliary for their 12 days of Christmas in which everything is super adorable, Christmasy, and cheap, when the following happened:

[11:09] мɾѕ. мσḋε (alexandria.enchanted): blog with me!
[11:10] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): i dont have anything to match u
[11:10] мɾѕ. мσḋε (alexandria.enchanted): you don’t have to match me
[11:10] мɾѕ. мσḋε (alexandria.enchanted): you can wear all black like usual
[11:10] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): no
[11:10] мɾѕ. мσḋε (alexandria.enchanted): SANTA HAT?
[11:10] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): nooo
[11:14] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): im changing
[11:14] мɾѕ. мσḋε (alexandria.enchanted): okay.
[11:15] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): wheres my santa hate
[11:15] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): yes good word
[11:15] мɾѕ. мσḋε (alexandria.enchanted): lmfao
(I send her a “santa hate” from the marketplace – it is one of the like dollarbies with animated lights on it)
[11:19] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): oh my god
[11:19] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): you hate me
[11:19] мɾѕ. мσḋε (alexandria.enchanted): lmfao
(she puts on her creepy santa beard)
[11:21] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): HAHA
[11:21] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): OMG
[11:21] мɾѕ. мσḋε (alexandria.enchanted): lmfao take that offfff omg.
[11:23] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): nope
[11:23] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): i want to blog
[11:23] мιѕтεɾ мσḋε (landon.mode): with you
[11:24] мɾѕ. мσḋε (alexandria.enchanted): fine, sandy claws

Needless to say, these Christmas blog pictures are not your typical cutesy ones.  Santa’s on the naughty list this year!

xmas xmas2


On Santa:
Hairbase: -Entente- Hairbaise – Brown – Dark Brown
Hat: Cobrahive – Santa’s Hat
Beard: Cobrahive – Santa’s Beard
Tattoo: Corvus : Reversed Cross Tattoo
Pants: “Calca HD” White
Shoes: -Entente- L’Equipe Kicks
Hands: CheerNo
Smokes: .::Hermony::. / Ultimate Cigarette

On Santa’s Little Helper:
Hair(s): lamb. – Sweet Pea & The Big Doll House (new!)
Eyeliner: Glam Affair (thank you Aidan for sharing with me!)
Antlers: Auxiliary – Holiday Antlers (part of the 12 days of Christmas!)
Dress: Auxiliary – Holiday Gauze (part of the 12 days of Christmas!)
Necklace: Boom – Lily Beads – Black
Tights: Erratic – Wide Fishnets – Black
Shoes: Fanatik – Classic Pumps – Black
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Gesture & Mouse

Left Pose by Magnifique, Right Pose by Exposeur

xx – Alex & Lan


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