Bubble bubble pop pop!

Hello my darlings!

Sorry it’s been a while; working retail during the holidays can take a lot out of a girl.  I’ve just been really tired and not interested in blogging lately but tonight I am back!

Three things I have for you that I just can’t get enough of.  Auxiliary, T.Whore, andddd Mstyle!

Auxiliary is currently part of this round of Zodiac.  Due to it being Tyr’s birthday soon, she has made some amazing horns (you know I love my horns) and placed them in a gacha.  I did not stop until I had won every single pair (I have lots of the normal versions leftover, by the way.  If anyone wants them, let me know!), and am happy to display them for you now.

T.Whore has released some adorable mesh shorts.  I will say that the alpha is a bit disgruntling as it does not go EXACTLY the way the body moves and sometimes leaves me with a gaping midsection, but truly they’re too cute to not have!

Lastly, Mstyle has released another pair of fierce shoes, and I totally love them.  I hope you all enjoy the look.  I was so tired of Christmasy things that I went for an all-out bubblegum inspired riot in my wardrobe. 😀




Skin: Glance – Lana (new!)
Hair: DeLa – Mercy
Eyes: Dead Apples – Nebula – Soulless
Cosmetics: LAQ – Saga Nose, Pink Fuel – Elly Lips
Horns: Auxiliary – In Dreams Horns – Unicorn (RARE!) (new!)
Top: Suicidal Unborn – Basic Tank
Shorts: T.Whore – Candy Shorts – Fuchsia (new!) (thank you Papeh)
Heels: Mstyle – Kai Slings – Black Glitter (new!)
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands – Gesture & Mouse
Bracelets: Hermony – Studded Wristband & Wristlocker

xx – Alex


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