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Hi darlings!

I have a lot to share with you today so please bare with me because it’s going to be a pretty picture heavy post.  Not only am I bringing you some of my picks from the Skin Fair, but I also wanted to show you some of the things you can acquire from this amazing store I just discovered called Little Bones (which I believe was featured in a round of SL Fashion Week but at the time I did not have any $L to purchase the item!).  I did a different look with each skin and I hope you enjoy.

I am going to talk a bit about each look underneath the pictures.  GOGO POWER RANGER!


First! Pink Fuel‘s newest release, Alyx.  Alyx is a gorgeous skin.  Another step up, Mochi keeps getting better and better with each new release.  I thought Kumi was perfection when it came out and Alyx did not disappoint!  This time, at the skin fair, when you buy one skin tone you get EVERY makeup option for the eyes, which is not how it has been with Mochi’s previous releases.  As always, she has released her lip cosmetic layers (teeth & no teeth versions of course!) along with the skin.  Two new tones are also available, porcelain and caramel.  I am displaying Alyx in Ivory, which is my favorite.

I paired it with the Little Bones Manhattan Dress, which is mesh, easy to fit to your shape, and in my opinion is just adorable and comes in plenty of color/pattern options!

Glance has busted out an absolutely beautiful skin in Anais.  I was somewhat perturbed by the skin tones offered (and still am, to be quite honest), as I am never this dark and this is way out of my comfort zone, even in the lightest shade (July) which I am displaying above.  For that alone I doubt this skin will get much wear time with me, but the face was so absolutely divine that I simply could not pass it up and will probably use it in the future for something (store ads, etc).  This will not, however, be my every day skin.  If you like the darker tones, please go pick this one up because it is absolutely exquisite.  I did purchase the lip layers separately (499L, folks) which makes it a little more expensive than Alyx, but in my opinion it was still worth it.

I am displaying a dress from Little Bones called Show Your Bones Dress. I believe this is the dress that was available for purchase at SL Fashion Week.  I purchased it in “Atlas,” because I loved the creativity of the map incorporated into the “bones” of the dress.  Again, it is mesh and fits my avatar shape very well, I love everything about it!

KOOQLA won me over.  It took a while.  I went to Skin Fair a BUNCH of times, both for myself and to take others, and found myself always on the fence about this skin.  I had purchased a KOOQLA skin a while back from Limited Bazaar and never wore it.  I felt like it looked weird on my shape and just weird in general and I couldn’t get into it.  Then one day out of the blue I thought, “I’m going to give this another shot,” and I am either crazy or spot on, because I fell in love and decided to purchase it.  I do not regret it.  This is not my every day skin, to be sure, but I do like it when I feel like wearing something different.  It has also inspired me to base a shape around it for my store, because this skin is definitely NOT the easiest for everyone to wear!  The details and attentions paid to the features though are what truly drew me in, and Mango had to be mine.

I paired it with Little BonesBrooklyn Pocket Tank.  It is long enough that truly you could wear it as a mini dress, or anything else your little heart desires.  I love how she did the Skull in the floral print which somehow softens the over all look making it both fierce and feminine at the same time.  Again, the mesh is perfection and in general this is an absolutely well-done top.


Oh, Aida Ewing.  You have stolen my heart in the form of Zara Glam Affair skins always win me over.  They are full of glamour, and a quiet ferocity within their dichotomous details  that never ceases to amaze me.  The colors and tones she uses are so soft and beckoning and yet!- the highlighting and overall sharp details make this skin just so rawr.  Aida never disappoints and I was so enthralled with Zara that I had to purchase three different makeup options/skin tones because I was so very in love.

With Zara, I accessorized by dressing my avatar in the Dean Tucked Tank and Malibu Highwaisted Shorts from Little Bones.  Both mesh, both amazing, and offered in a slew of different colors that I could not get enough of!


What can I say about Inka Mexicola?  When I first tried an Essences skin, I was like “ew I do not understand the hype!”  I have never been afraid of changing my shape to meet the expectations set out by a particular skin.  If I love the skin I will make my shape work with it, simple as that.  With Essences, I was never really sucked in to doing so, not until recently.  Suddenly, with the last few releases, I became completely enchanted by these skins.  Essences is by far one of my new favorite skin stores that I can’t live without (even surpassing Glam Affair lately which I did not think was possible!).  Clover is the butterfly in the evolution of Inka’s skins.  I do not have a single criticism and I have been unable to take this skin off of my avatar’s bones except for in the process of taking these blog pictures.  If I change the skin for any reason, Clover goes RIGHT back on as soon as possible.  I just can’t handle the soft sweetness of her face paired with those bad ass bitch brows (which Inka always does to perfection – PLEASE NEVER CHANGE THEM!), and the beautiful toning of the body.  Plus the skin tones that are offered are just fantastic.  There is nothing more I can say other than flawless.

I paired it with the most adorable dress ever from Little Bones, called the Coney Island Dress.  The back, as you can see, has the cutest detailing to it and just begs to be displayed with a short hair or an up-do, while the front has the same detailing and an adorable little collar.  Again, all mesh, all perfect, and I am in love.

And here, for your enjoyment, is a close up of my favorite skin fair skin.


At any rate, I will post some of the other details of what I was wearing throughout these posts. If you have any specific questions please ask me as I do not want to make this more lengthy than absolutely necessary!

Hairs used:  Taketomi – Maggie // Truth – London // Exile – American Woman // Magika – Moment // Eaters Coma – 18 (new!)
Shoes used:  N-Core – Barefeet, Delicious, Diva // J’s – Long Studded Boots
Eyes: IKON
Piercings: HoD (modded)
Leggings:  Epoque – Destruction Tights
Brows: Miamai Brow Layer (NOT used for Glance or Essences)

Thanks for hanging in there with me!  Now RUN to Little Bones (also offered on Marketplace, creator name is Nova Faerye), and Skin Fair!

xx – Alex


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