I feel it in my bones

Hi babehs!

I have some newness to bring you in two forms.  Firstly, Essences has a beautiful upcoming release, Opera, which you will be able to purchase through The Big Bo.obies Show (beginning tomorrow, April 1st!).  Secondly, Lovely | Disarray is a store brought to you by the talented Astrexia Chrome & featured alongside Anatomy & Cool Story, Bro, as well as at Kozmetika!  Astrexia has hand painted these beautiful makeups and basically they are the greatest things ever to hit SL.

Please be advised that the Tribalist Hellraiser makeup is LIMITED EDITION, as in only 15 copies of it are being sold and then it is GONE FOREVER.  As far as I am aware there are exactly 5 copies of this amazing makeup left and you are definitely missing out if you don’t go get it right away.

At any rate, onto the pictures!

operaPlease click for larger photos of this immaculate and flawless skin.
Opera is offered in all the same skin tones we all know and love from Essences, as well as beautiful brow options, cleavage options, etc.

lovelydisarrayClick for a larger photo for more details of these makeups that have been drawn to perfection!

Click to TP to Lovely | Disarray

Other Details:

Eyes: IKON – Lucid Eyes – Frostbite
Hair: Magika – Rewind (new!)
Tattoo: Custom by Landon Mode
Lingerie: The Sugar Garden – Gift Wrapping Lingerie

xx – Alex


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