I’d love to collapse with you

Hello lovebugs!

Ohhh the newness!  The newness I have for you is positively GLORIOUS.

Firstly, I don’t know when it happened, but Glance released another skin.  Apparently, I was not in the update group like I *thought* I was and so did not know the deliciousness that I now know as Sigrid.  Such a gorgeous skin, I can’t even get over it, and in the absolute most lovely tones!

Scrub has released new leggings for the Stalkerazzi event that are fabulous & come in a plethora of different patterns for you to enjoy!

I am also happy to be displaying the new “Teeth and Tongue” set from DeeTalez, which comes with three different alpha options to fit every mouth shape!



Skin: Glance – Sigrid – January
Hair: Liquence – F3 – Genetic Pack
Eyes: Dead Apples – Anime Eyes – Wild
Lashes: Redgrave – Elemental Lashes
Cosmetics: TheSkinShop – Dare Eyeshadow – Onyx // Pink Fuel – Harley Lipstick – Sultry Red
Teeth: DeeTalez -Teeth & Tongue (new!)
Necklace: Mandala – Yakushi – Black
Shirt: ColdLogic – Waid – Red
Belt: Blitzed – Legacy Belt
Pants: Scrub – Histrion Leggings – Skulls (new at Stalkerazzi!)
Ring: Remarkable Oblivion – Fierce Ring (modded to black)
Shoes: Whatever – Stripper Boots – Black

xx – Alex


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