We can’t stay the same

Hello my sweetpeas!

Ohhhh the things I have for you today!  Firstly, the new ‘Phat Azz’ aka mesh booty has come out, made by none other than the talented CK Winx of Luck Inc.  Not only is this a beautifully done mesh butt that both ladies and gentlemen alike can enjoy, but it is a complete lower-half mesh avatar.  Gone are the days of those weird looking default SL avatar legs!  The Phat Azz smooths everything out and makes your body look more proportioned and normal.  Similar to the Lolas Tango mesh breasts, the Phat Azz works on an applier system with huds that control your underwear and pant layers.

As of right now, not too many stores are participating in the creation of appliers since the Phat Azz literally -just- hit, however with the purchase of the Phat Azz (it’s 1250L, cheaper than boobies!), you also get the creator kit, so I hope to see lots of new creations in the future.

Today I am featuring one of the newest creations in Phat Azz Appliers, made by Landon Mode!  Thigh & leg tattoos for the new Phat Azz are here and they are absolutely exceptional!  They come on all the standard layers as well for all of you who are not interested in purchasing the Phat Azz, but I have to say they look flawless against the mesh.

Additionally I am choosing to wear the body suit that CK made for this round of The Boobies Show; Phat Azz appliers for this are currently FREE in the main store so make sure you go pick them up!

Please keep in mind, ladies… when demoing the Phat Azz, you MUST modify your shape some.  If you are not comfortable modifying your shape please find someone who is, because if you are not skilled at doing so, I assure you the new mesh will look terrible on you.  I have seen lots of people complaining about the size of the butt– as you will be able to see from the pictures below I feel mine looks quite natural, and that is because I had to do quite a bit of modification and playing with the sliders on my legs.  Do not let this deter you from enjoying it!

As always, pictures and deets below 🙂

phatazz reckless


Skin: Glam Affair – Shanna – Europa – 05 (new at collabor88!)
Hair: Exile – Hearts Don’t Breakeven
Eyes: IKON – Lucid Eyes – Industrial
Cosmetics: TheSkinShop – Glam Eyeshadow – Bronze
Crown: Remarkable Oblivion – LOVE Donna Flora – Crown
Earrings: Bellballs – Dangling Disc Earrings (no longer avail)
Bodysuit: L.inc – Lace Body Black (at The Boobies Show!)
Breasts: Lolas – Tango Mesh Breasts  
Butt: L.inc – Phat Azz (new!)
Bracelet: Mandala – Kabuki Bracelet
Tattoo: Reckless – Traditional (new!)
Shoes: N-Core – Cuore – Black

xx – Alex


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