I sense there’s something in the wind

Happy October my sweethearts!

Ohhhh this is my favorite time of year by far.  Not because my birthday is on the 16th, NOT because it’s my anniversary with Landon, but because I LOVE Halloween more than any other Holiday!

Don’t get it twisted, skanks.  I don’t love Halloween so that I can be a slut, mkay?  I actually HATE the things that some adults (and young adults since teenagers these days seem to think they’re 30) have done to this amazing holiday.

I love the DIY costuming, the apple bobbing, the trick or treating, the partying, the ghost story telling, Hocus Pocus watching aspect of Halloween.  I love making caramel apples, carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin seeds, feeling that crisp fall air that even Southern California has right now.  I just LOVE October!

So today for you I created some DIY costumes, SL style, using both new things that you can currently acquire plus some old stuff I had in my inventory!  I hope you enjoy the looks!

halloween blog 2 halloweenblog

The Sorceress:

Skin:  Birdy – Devon Skins – Porcelaine – Goth RARE (new at The Chapter Four!)
Hair: Chemistry – Luna
Cosmetics: Lovely Disarray – Winged Eyeliner
Teeth: Deetalez – Teeth & Tongue
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – Magician Hat – Necromancer (new at the Oh My Gacha event!)
Choker: Boom – Precious Bow Choker – Pitch
Tattoo: Reckless – Victorian (new!)
Dress: Glam Affair – Nui Dress – Black
Shoes: SYL – Climbstra Platform Sandals

The Faun

Skin:  Birdy – Porcelaine – Deer RARE (new at The Chapter Four!)
Hair: Exile – Glamorous
Horns: Half-Deer – Stag Antlers – Restored (Industrial) RARE (new at the Oh My Gacha event!)
Scarf: Sweet Leonard – Autumn Scarf *golden leaf* – Sand (new!)
Breasts: Lolas – Tango Mirage (new!)
Bra:  Lust – part of the ‘MyBoo’ outfit (new!)
Faun Parts: Titanias – Faun – White (by Riann Maltese)

The Devil

Skin:  Birdy – Delilah – Porcelaine
Hair: Truth – Felicity (new!)
Eyes: IKON – Ardent Eyes – Nymph
Cosmetics: TheSkinShop – Lipstick ‘Hollywood’ Rouge
Horns: Remarkable Oblivion – Diable Band (group gift!)
Necklaces: Celoe – Clement Necklace – Stigma // KOSH – Sanctuary Necklace [inverted]
Dress:  Lust – MyBoo Mini Halloween Edition (includes skeleton hands!) (new!)
Boobs: Lolas – Tango Mirage (new!)
Butt: L.inc – Phat Azz
Tattoo: Reckless (not yet released)
Shoes: Celoe – Amae Sandals – Depth

xx – Alex


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