I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

Hello sweetpeas!

More newness for you because there is SO much going on right now!  There are so many events I almost cannot keep up with it, blog-wise.

Honestly I think it would be better if I just went on with the pictures because me talking about it will be so lengthy considering how many new things are out!  So I’ll get on with it and hope you all enjoy my LOTD!





Skin: Glam Affair – Neva (Body Mod Expo EXCLUSIVE!)
Hair: Raw House – Zoey Clean
Eyes: Dead Apples – Nebula – Burst
Cosmetics: Miamai – Black Eyebrows
Earrings: Auxiliary – R.I.P Coffin Earrings (out at Body Mod Expo)
Wings: Europa – Tattered Shryke Wing (out now at We ❤ Roleplay!)
Jacket: ISON – Leather Asymmetrical Jacket (new at C88!)
Noose: Remarkable Oblivion – Salem (out now at We ❤ Roleplay!)
Pants: PaperBag – Lycra Jeggings
Butt: L.inc – Phat Azz
Boots: ISON – Cult Riding Boots – Black

xx – Alex


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