Who do you think that you’re fooling

Hi little sweetpeas!

There’s no special layout tonight, nor outfit.  This blog post is specifically for one reason and one alone: Essences.

Essences will be making a fantastic debut at the Skin Fair with FOUR skins to choose from in all the usual tones that we’ve come to know and love. These faces, in fact, should not be all that new to most of you (especially if you have followed my blog), because Inka has slowly been releasing these faces little by little for events such as TDR.

For skin fair she has done the full releases of Emma, Lily, Paris, and Olyvia.  All skins will be available with appliers for tangos, the phat azz (& cute azz), Loud Mouth, and Slink.

I decided to blog these in a few different skin tones so that you could see the range of Inka’s skins, but they are beautiful, and now that they come with loud mouth appliers, this makes for a happy Alex!

The Skin Fair opens officially on 03/14 (just a few hours away!), so make sure you visit Essences so that you can pick up these delicious skins!



-Hair: Moon
  -Eyes: IKON
    -Shirt: Suicidal Unborn – Cult Logic Crop Top (new)

xx – Alex


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