I bet you wishin you could clutch that

Skin Fair is in full effect, ladies and gentlemen.  I cannot explain to you how much of a true skin whore I am.  There are few people who know the depths of my addiction, but it is as fathomless as the ocean and therefore this is the time of year in which I save up and then subsequently go broke as I literally throw my money at skin designers with reckless abandon.

I belong to two skin groups, both of which I have already blogged for you, those two being Birdy and Essences.  That right there, you’d think, would be enough for me.  With each having released three beautiful skins, that was already six to add to my collection.

I ended up, however, purchasing a total of 9 other skins giving me a grand total of 15 new skins.  Since one can realistically only wear one skin at a time I have no idea how I’ll end up choosing between them.

Please keep in mind that out of ALL the skins that I am displaying for skin fair, ONLY Birdy, Essences, Atomic, and Glam Affair included Loud Mouth appliers.  The rest that you see on me ARE ENTIRELY PHOTOSHOPPED.  I worked for a long time using my smudge brush and other such tools in photoshop to give my mouth the illusion that I had loud mouths for each skin.  I do not, and so please do not bug any of these creators for appliers where there are none.  I prefer my mouth shape with the loud mouth anymore.  I pretty much blatantly refuse to take it off, and therefore until loud mouth appliers are created for each of these skins I can pretty much guarantee you’ll only see them in pictures and not in-world.

Now I’m sure you want to see the pictures, right? So let’s get on with it 🙂  Please excuse my general lack of layout for these posts.

skin fair 3
skin fair 2
skin fair 1


If you haven’t gone to the skin fair yet, now you have 9 (15 including Birdy & Essences) reasons to go!

xx – Alex


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