I can hardly breathe when your hands let go of me

So by the looks of my post you’d think The Hair Fair had come around.

This is not the case at all.

These are just *some* of the new releases you can find from some of my favorite hair designers on the grid right now.  Some of these are at events, which I will gladly detail for you below the picture.

All I can say is, all of these hair designers have amazing textures, options, and are overall just fantastic.

I do have to touch on one thing before I show you the pictures, however.  There is a new hair designer in town.  The alt of Story Ordinary (owner/creator of Poetica) is now dabbling in hair, and has come out with a bang!  Her new store, Spellbound, is offering some absolutely gorgeous hair.  The textures, color options, and general styles leave absolutely NOTHING to be desired.  Not a single criticism is there to be had on my end, so make sure you all check it out, join the VIP group, etc!  So far there are five new hairs to be had and trust me when I say you’ll want to fatpack all of them!

Now that that little rant is over, ON WITH THE PICTURES!



OKAY!  So, I will list all of the hairs I have pictured here from top to bottom and left to right! Here we go:

Row 1:  All hairs are from Spellbound and can be found in the mainstore.  They are:  Snowberry, Nahara, Medusa, MoonSugar, and Ellie

Row 2: Tableau Vivant (currently found at C88): Springer & Springflower // Moon: Chandler (currently at Kustom9), Still Cold & Sinner (currently found at C88)

Row 3: Little Bones: Take Everything, Ministry (both now at The Chapter Four), Limbs, & Gods and Monsters (coming tomorrow to 100 Block!)

As you can see there are like 500 hairs right now to choose from and all of them are simply amazing.

I had to dedicate a post JUST to this, so I hope you all enjoy.

xx – Alex


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