I don’t want to be a ball and chain

It’s heeere!

THE MESH BODY IS HERE.  Bit & Baby, the two who created the toddleedoo avatar, have finally created an adult version in the “WowMeh” mesh body.

What makes it so great, you might ask?  Well I am going to show you step by step everything about the mesh body so that you can decide for yourself.  (Picture heavy post time!)

Upon purchasing this mesh body, the first thing you’ll note is that the price is only $350L.  This is a steal compared to how many other mesh parts I have purchased for upwards of 2,000L a piece.  Considering each mesh part I have purchased has been 1700 or more, let’s add it up.

Lolas (1st version) 1700
Lolas (pushup) 1700
Lolas (tangos) 1700
Lolas (mirage) 1700
Phat Azz 1700
Cute Azz 1700
*and let’s not forget slink, too*

So over time, roughly I have spent about 10k+ over the past few years “updating” my avatar with mesh parts.

Need I say again that WowMeh (which is fitted mesh and resizes itself to your shape) is only 350L?

OKAY! So out of the box, here’s what everything looks like.  Please note that most of these pictures are NSFW.  My nipples and my coochie are out.  I’m giving you this one opportunity to TURN AWAY!


Yeah, I’m dead sexy, I know.  So the important parts to wear are the alpha & the body, and then the hud itself.  The feet & hands come with and are options as well, but I prefer slink due to the options that one can have with the slink feet (plus all the shoes made for them) as well as the tattoos that can be worn on the hands, etc.  OKAY, enough of that, onward!

Here is the basic skin hud.  As you can see, there are lots of skins to choose from (and nipple options as well) or if you make your own skins, you can drag and drop the textures where it says “Custom Skin” as well.

Upon picking your skin color you’ll see a pop up window similar to this:

This is, in fact, a tattoo layer meant to help blend your skin into your other joints that are left exposed, so that when it’s all said and done, everything is seamless.

Now let’s talk about layers.  There are two clothing options: Shirt and Pants.  There are two LAYERS of clothing, which are “Skinny” and “Loose.”  Skinny would be for something like a tattoo, undies, or perhaps even something like tights, whereas the “Loose” layer would allow you to wear something OVER that.  As an example of how to wear things on your layers, I am choosing one of my tattoos that I made the appliers for last night.

Once you click on the applier, another dialogue pops up asking you if you want to put it on the Skinny or Looser layer.  Since this is for a tattoo, I chose skinny.


But wait; here’s the best part about the mesh body:

Check out the sliders!  This mesh body moves with your shape.  It’s pretty awesome how it works because this means it will be more customizable than something like the Azz which is not fitted mesh.

Okay, so now another awesome aspect of the mesh body is the alpha layers.  I have to say, this has not been perfected yet and I wish you could use the alphas in smaller increments.  This will NOT work for every piece of mesh.  Trust me, there are plenty of things that I tried that just simply won’t work with this no matter how hard I try.  But for the most part, it’s pretty awesome.

Just as an example, I included the hud so you can see how you can alpha out different parts of your body.

As you can see, whatever I click on the hud, alphas my body out.  Therefore, when I want to wear mesh, I can do this pretty easily, such as I did here:

One thing I will note is that just as it is for ALL mesh, some adjustments to your shape may be necessary if you’re wearing mesh with this body.

As an example, if you find that your coochie is sticking out.. as weird as this sounds, play with your leg muscle slider.  9 times out of 10 that it will solve the problem (it has for me).

At any rate, I’d have to say that so far, it’s looking to be like a great product.  However, consider this a beta test.  I want to see some more updates first and I know skin designers too as well before we all start gung-ho creating for it.

But for 350L, why not!?

>Skin: Atomic – Muse
>Hair: Truth – Tyr
>Eyes: Buzz – Faerie Eyes (new)
>Brows: Buzz – Natalia
>Hands & Feet: Slink
>Tattoo: elska – Inside Out (out now at The Big Show)
>Top: Suicidal Unborn – Anette Top (new)
>Jeans: Cynful – Skinny Jeans
>Shoes: Reign – Sovereign Wedges

xx – Alex


4 thoughts on “I don’t want to be a ball and chain

  1. Interesting idea.

    I’m still not sure what the advantages of the mesh body would be, at least not until designers start making lots of appliers for it. I’d still keep my Lola Tangos for the shape, and my Slink hands and feet, and I don’t wear a mesh butt, so what would I gain from using it? Does it just get rid of the ugly and unavoidable seam issues in the inner thighs, for example, like you might see when your avi is in a squatted position?

    And with the skin(s) that come(s) with it, it looks like you can’t adjust the RGB to get a perfect match to the skin you’ll be wearing on your face, is that right?

    Thanks for the informative post. Look forward to learning more.

    • Actually, from the side the breasts on this mesh body look a lot like the tango shape. They’re fabulous and on top of it, appliers (like tattoos and whatnot) look much better on this body than on the lolas, which sometimes have seam issues. It does get rid of all of the ugly seam issues (same as the azz) and in general makes the system body look more smooth and polished, especially with the added bonus of having it move with you/change shape with your sliders/in general look much better when sitting/doing other animations.

      You can adjust the RGB if necessary, however, when you wear the tattoo layer that comes with each skin it blends in perfectly anyway so it sort of reduces the need to put the RGB in. I tried the RGB method and it actually didn’t come out as great as just wearing the layer did. Vive Nine, however, has already released appliers and Okkbye will be including them with her next skin release as well, from what I know. I’m hoping other skin creators get on board as well. Also, since I have written this post, due to the popularity it has gone up in price and an updated version has already been sent out!

  2. Well dag! I guess I should hurry and get one before the price goes up even more! What’s the price now?

    Also, thanks for the additional info. I didn’t realize the skins came with tintable layers, which makes more sense than tinting with RGB every time.

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