I close my eyes until I see

Hi darlings!

I have nothing new today aside from two things, specifically.

1. New Truth Hair (ADORABLE!) and
2. New skin from the cosmetics fair.

You know, I saw this flickr post that I simply thought was beautiful.  When I saw who the skin designer was, I had to say I was pretty amazed.  I am a self proclaimed skin whore as anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, and so I kinda thought I had all the “best skin stores” sort of figured out and down to a science.  Realizing that this skin was being sold at the Cosmetics Fair, which I had already plundered, I had to go back and take a closer look.

I ended up leaving with two new skins, after having bought ‘Mocha’ from Fiore (part of Vive 9) for the bonus of a WowMeh applier.

I am NOT going to blog the skin that was blogged on flickr, because you can all simply see her beautiful blog post by clicking the link above.  I am, however, going to speak briefly on the skin I did decide to blog, which is from a store called Marina.

For those of you who already knew about this store, how dare you know about it and not tell me!?  This skin is beautiful.  My only criticism is that the tones in my opinion do not come light enough.  The one I am blogging is the fairest of them all (I had to say it :P) and I still felt pretty tan in comparison to my Atomic & Birdy skin tones that I’m used to.

Appliers for Slink, etc, are available, different eyelid, and eyebrow options, even eyebag options, and two lip options.

I suggest you all take a closer look at this designer; I am really impressed!


>Skin: Marina – Kira [Light] (New at Cosmetics Fair)
>Hair: Truth – Elyse (new)
>Eyes: Buzz – Faerie Eyes (new at The Seasons Story)
>Tattoo: elska – Bird’s Eye View (new)
>Hands & Feet: Slink

>Shirt: Tee*fy – Milena Blouse – White
>Skirt: Ryvolter (Vive Nine/Fiore) – Emmeline Maxi – Cerulian
>Shoes: Reign – Georgia Sandals
 -Halo: Plastik – Madre Halo – 6
 -Cell Phone: Le Primitif – Bashful Bear – Phone [Floral] RARE (out now at Kustom 9)

xx – Alex


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