shutup, I love that! was started as a creative outlet for Alexandria Enchanted, who has been blogging on various blogs throughout SL since about 2010.

The blog has seen some amazing and talented guest bloggers, and has even had some pretty amazing co-bloggers at various points in time.

As of now, shutup, I love that! also includes Landon Mode, owner of Reckless.

The duo enjoys blogging as a creative outlet, a way to play around with photography, and of course a way to simply remember what exists in the great abyss of their inventories (especially Alex’s, which is never quite organized enough).


4 thoughts on “About

  1. All the shapes what you use in your styles are principally from Anatomy? Bcuz I search the exactly same face on my avi. 😀

    • My shape is not from Anatomy. My shape is a shape I made myself. I typically refer people to Anatomy who are in need of a good shape because I love Glitch’s shapes. I also just opened my own shape store, which I have blogged as well 🙂

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