Farewell wordpress!

Hi darlings,

I have decided that much like a Phoenix it is time for me to be reinvented! With a new blog comes new inspiration, creativity, and ideas. I am ready to shed the skin that is “Shutup, I love that,” and I hope you’ll all join me at my new blog, which you can find here:


Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll continue with me at this newest reincarnation of myself and my journey in Second Life!



Gold trigger on the gun, like

Hello my dears!

So another round of Collabor88 has opened, and it is bringing out the retro in us all!  Similar to the Rockabilly themed fashion fair that was held months ago, this round of c88 features the rockabilly
retro style.  Cherry prints, polkadots and peep toe shoes are plentiful and I feel the need to watch Grease!

Specializing in old school, rockabilly-esque tattoos, Landon simply had to be a part of this picture, and I could think of no better “accessory” to my outfit than a Reckless tattoo.

And naturally, a proverbial nod to my California roots, I had to find a great picture of an old-school In-n-Out drive-thru.


On Landon
>Skin: Tableau Vivant
>Hair: Atro Patena
>Tattoo: Reckless
>Shirt: Redgrave
>Jeans: Villena
>Shoes: Deco

On Alex
>Skin: Deetalez – Calla (Celtic)
>Hair: Truth – Thelma (new at c88)
>Mouth: LoudMouth – Alli
>Tattoo: Reckless – Ruthless Fuck
>Hands & Feet: Slink
>Body: WowMeh (v2.8)
>Top: Tee*fy – Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt (new at c88)
>Jeans: Villena – HighWaisted Acid Wash Skinnies
>Shoes: Reign – Bow Peeps
  -Glasses: Suicidal Unborn – Valentina Glasses
  -Gum: Pink Fuel – Yum Bubblegum
  -Headband: LaGyo – Mary Bow Bandana (pack 6) (new at c88)

xx – Alex and Landon

Promise them to me

Hello my loves,

I have some more to share with you today from some of my favorite stores!

As you know I like to go back and forth with my blog layout, so I hope you’ll all forgive me for being so spastic.  Sometimes I’m feeling the landscapes and sometimes not!

Anyway, this is somewhat a continuation of the fantasy theme I began yesterday, as much of what I’m wearing is from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Some of it, however, is also from The Chapter Four, which is having its birthday!  If you join the group (which is free) there are tons of Happy Birthday TCF Presents for you to get from lots of designers!


>Skin: The Sugar Garden – Eun-Seo (Vampy)
>Hair: Little Bones – Take Everything
>Eyes: Buzz – Faerie Eyes – Chocolate
>Mouth: Loud Mouth – Alli (with TSG Luna Applier)
>Hands & Feet: Slink
>Body: WowMeh Mesh Body (v. 2.8) (new)

>Sweater: Atomic – Forest Friend Sweater – Fox – Pastels (The Chapter Four)
  -Unicorn Horn: Spellbound – Regal Unicorn Headdress RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  -Antlers: Random Matter – Eleri Antlers – Brown RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  -Bottle: Atomic – Wish Master – Bottle (Silver) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  -Collar: Atomic – Wish Master – Collar (Silver) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  -Ring: Atomic – Celebrate! Cupcake Ring (TCF Birthday Gift) (The Chapter Four)
  -Wand: Atomic – Wish Master – Wand (Silver) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  -Foot Chains: Pure Poison – Nayyirah Feet Jewelry (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  -Cat: Birdy – Sassy Cat – Grumpy RARE (The Chapter Four)

xx – Alex

The Shepherdess

Hello my darlings!

So many new things are out for you to consume and get into those grabby hands of yours!  There was so much that I was excited about that I wasn’t sure how I would fit it into one post.

Therefore, I had to forgo my typical layout in favor of something more… well, you’ll understand I’m sure.

Alchemy, Spellbound, and Atomic have all made some beautiful things for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which is simply… magical, to say the least!  Additionally, I am happy to be displaying something that is currently out for We ❤ RP from the amazing Alchemy as well.

And naturally I had to share my joy over the fact that The Sugar Garden has officially released appliers for the WowMeh mesh body (which, by the way, is on update 2.8 now!).  For those of you who may be unaware, the skin appliers for designers have now been made available for free.  So make sure that you beg all your favorite skin designers to create appliers for your favorite skins, because as WowMeh continues to update, it gains more and more popularity.  It only gets better and better!

Anyway, enough babble.  I hope you enjoy all the pretties I have to show you 🙂

little bo peep
>Skin: The Sugar Garden – Eun-Seo (Vampy)
>Hair: Spellbound – Morrigan – Unnatural Ombres and Dips RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
>Eyes: Buzz – Faerie Eyes – Chocolate
>Brows: New Faces – Lyandra Brows
>Mouth: Loud Mouth – Alli (with TSG Luna Applier)
>Hands & Feet: Slink
>Body: WowMeh v. 2.8 (new)

>Collar/Shoulders: Alchemy – Ritual Armor – Silver (We ❤ RP)
>Top: Alchemy – Huntress Top – Silver (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
>Belt: Alchemy – Huntress Belt – Silver (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  -Scythe: Alchemy – Huntress Scythe ULTRA RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  -Headpiece: Atomic – Wish Master – Headpiece RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  -Leg Harness: .Shi – Leg Harness
  -Goat: Atomic – Wish Master – Goat Plush RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

xx – Alex

I call it magic when I’m next to you

Hello sweethearts!

Today’s look is inspired by things that I purchased at the Fantasy Faire, as well as Enchantment, and a few new upcoming releases you should all be excited about.

I hope you all enjoy 🙂


>Skin: The Sugar Garden – Eun-Seo – Vampy
>Hair: Little Bones – Moon Child (soon for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!)
>Eyes:  Buzz – Faerie Eyes – Chocolate (new)
>Hands & Feet: Slink

>Dress: Junbug – Sleeping Beauty (new for Enchantment)
-Bracelet: Random Matter – Arabella Bracelet
-Crown: Aisling (new for the Fantasy Faire)
-Necklace: Yummy – Classic Literature Necklace
-Nails: Quirky – Starry Eye Nail Set (new, coming soon)

xx – Alex

I want to make the best of what is left

Ohhh my dear readers!

I have to share my fantastic news with you.  I am officially a blogger for Alchemy, and so excited because this means I’m going to have so much to share with you!

Specifically today I have a sneak peek for you.  This particular item is in a color for bloggers only, as it was our gift to us for joining the group.  However, I’m certain that you’ll find more colors to come for ALL of you to enjoy!  These sprites come with so many different addons that the options for how your little sprite will look are endless.  I made it simple for you this time and only blogged exactly what comes with it.

Get excited; there is so much to come from Alchemy if you follow the flickrs of both Nina & Tyr you will NOT be disappointed!


alchemy yay

The Sprite comes with two different hair options, fangs, tongue, eyes, lashes, tail, ears, horns, the necklace, as well as the adorable little tribal-esque loin-cloth.

Isn’t it the cutest!?  *flails*

xx – Alex

I close my eyes until I see

Hi darlings!

I have nothing new today aside from two things, specifically.

1. New Truth Hair (ADORABLE!) and
2. New skin from the cosmetics fair.

You know, I saw this flickr post that I simply thought was beautiful.  When I saw who the skin designer was, I had to say I was pretty amazed.  I am a self proclaimed skin whore as anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, and so I kinda thought I had all the “best skin stores” sort of figured out and down to a science.  Realizing that this skin was being sold at the Cosmetics Fair, which I had already plundered, I had to go back and take a closer look.

I ended up leaving with two new skins, after having bought ‘Mocha’ from Fiore (part of Vive 9) for the bonus of a WowMeh applier.

I am NOT going to blog the skin that was blogged on flickr, because you can all simply see her beautiful blog post by clicking the link above.  I am, however, going to speak briefly on the skin I did decide to blog, which is from a store called Marina.

For those of you who already knew about this store, how dare you know about it and not tell me!?  This skin is beautiful.  My only criticism is that the tones in my opinion do not come light enough.  The one I am blogging is the fairest of them all (I had to say it :P) and I still felt pretty tan in comparison to my Atomic & Birdy skin tones that I’m used to.

Appliers for Slink, etc, are available, different eyelid, and eyebrow options, even eyebag options, and two lip options.

I suggest you all take a closer look at this designer; I am really impressed!


>Skin: Marina – Kira [Light] (New at Cosmetics Fair)
>Hair: Truth – Elyse (new)
>Eyes: Buzz – Faerie Eyes (new at The Seasons Story)
>Tattoo: elska – Bird’s Eye View (new)
>Hands & Feet: Slink

>Shirt: Tee*fy – Milena Blouse – White
>Skirt: Ryvolter (Vive Nine/Fiore) – Emmeline Maxi – Cerulian
>Shoes: Reign – Georgia Sandals
 -Halo: Plastik – Madre Halo – 6
 -Cell Phone: Le Primitif – Bashful Bear – Phone [Floral] RARE (out now at Kustom 9)

xx – Alex