Blog Links!

Here’s a list of our favorite blogs that you can take a look at (after you’re done looking at ours, of course!) 

Favorite Female Blogs:
1 Pink Pill by Adriana Pinklady
A Valid Style, by Aidan Valeska
Bulletproof Bish by Vix Frost
Fatally Stylish, by Jaded Lorefield
Flirting With Fashion, by Lauren Minuet
Haha…die, by Emi, Deanna, and Wendy
Harvest the Geek, by Harvest Dezno
Killer Kitten, by Whisper Mizin
How Do I Look, by Druuna Metal
I Got Dressed, by Volupturaptor Perl
MandiLoves, by Mandi Maven
Music, Mania, and Musings, by Acacia Bellios
Okkbye, by Elisaokkbye
OhMahShizz, by Skyler Villota
Our Stories to Tell, by Morgynn Hancroft, Micah Kalinakov, and Cupcake Godric
Style Minions, by Natalee Oodles and Celeste Forwzy
Sugar Sweet Second Life by Sugar Heartsdale
Tales of a SL Fashion Whore, by Nikki Nyn
Thought Classic, by Oakley Foxtrot
The Spouge!, by Astrexia Chrome, Glitch Grantham, and Dream Afterthought
Touch of Grace, by Grace Adamski
Vicio SL, by AliceinChains Arun
YuMad, by Fairyscry Avril and Dawn Brunswick

Favorite Male Blogs:
Battle Scars, by Jay Tedder Murs
Blue Steel Style, by Steel Panthar
DINAMI, by Levi Megadon
G.ID by Gideon Ormstein
(ir)Regular Guy, by Bronson Twine
Just Mens, by Kev Brunswick
Swagged Out by Jules Solano
That Guy’s Blog by Alex1985 Diabolito
The SLipsters, by Laika Saintlouis and James Schwarz
Threadline, by AJ Diavolo
Unparalleled Rush, by Booch Capelo
You Stay Classy SL, by Jayy Fallen

Favorite Gender Non-Specific Blogs:
Dead Before it Simple, by Peti and Bertu
Dryhumps, by AJ Adored, SexyRyann Blair, and Terrence Charisma
Right Click and Buy, by Arnovial Cale and Annittaa Darcy
Sartorialism Speaks by Jas Blinker
SecondLife Style and Fashion, by Stopaa Metaluna & Yume Cluny
SL Luxury, by Aida Ewing and M4ri1yn Magic
Style Yakuza, by Bunny Brickworks, Greta Gazov, Takuma Kawashima and Takuya Kawashima

The Fashion Feeds:
Be Happy in SL
Blogging SL
Concrete SL
FashionFeed of SL
Grid Syndicate
Second Life Feed
SL Fashion Directory
SL Feed Plus
Style Academy

Please contact either Landon or myself if you would like your blog added to this list. 🙂


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